CSO SL990 SL-990 Speedy Slit Lamp with Chin Rest

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Comes with Chin Rest and Chin Rest Mount
Forehead rest has a slight tear in it (as per images)
The SL 990 series is characterized by a modern optic project and uses a multilayered antireflection treatment that ensures a more effective transmission of light, thus improving the optic resolution and contrast by 20%. The optic quality of the SL 990 series moreover provides a 20% increase in optic transmission and a 10% enlargement of depth of field.
This series of Slitlamps utilize the “Haag Streit” style illumination system. The optical quality and multilayered antireflection treatment incorporated in the optics has ensured that these Slitlamps have superior optical efficiency with increased light transmission. Along with the designed expanded field of view this gives a clearer image and increase in the depth of focus possible.

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