Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva 3000 Anaesthesia Anesthesia Machine – Incomplete #1

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Power tested, no further testing
This Anesthesia Machine appears to be in good used condition
We have only power tested this machine – The machine is not complete and therefore we were unable to fully test its functionality
It looks to be missing some pieces/attachments – please refer to the images for further details
A “smart” anesthesia machine offering anesthesia practitioners flexible, cost-effective operation for a broad range of patients is the product from Datex-Ohmeda, an established anesthesia and critical care company.
The Aestiva 3000’s Smart Vent ventilator has both pressure and volume control modes, which makes it useful for a broader range of patients than most anesthesia machines can accommodate, including neonates, trauma and compromised patients, as well as routine cases. SmartVent’s gas compensation system automatically adjusts for changes in fresh gas flows, small system leaks, changing lung compliance or compression losses. This innovative system makes the Aestiva 3000 especially well-suited to low-flow anesthesia, which helps reduce costs because less anesthetic agent is used.
The Aestiva 3000 provides superior ventilation and is extremely easy to use. Its compact, ergonomically superior design makes it comfortable to work with and easy to configure within any operating room setting.
The new machine can be configured to meet individual needs. For example, clinicians can choose from a two-, three- or four-gas configuration with two or three in-line vaporizers.
The machine’s open architecture also enables clinicians to use existing monitors and accessories. Other features of the Aestiva 3000 include reduced planned maintenance requirements. In addition, a built-in breathing circuit reduces the number of tubes and cables while protecting the circuit’s components from being damaged or becoming disconnected.

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