Davis Bianca Senior Medium Bay 400w MH Industrial Light Fixtures

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This light includes mounting rails as seen in the images with the dimensions!
The Bianca senior is a universal mounting HID luminaire. The fixture may be either surface or recessed T-bar mounted, and is suitable for mounting in plaster ceilings with the addition of a plaster frame. The luminaire is available with one of a number of formed polycarbonate diffusers (including deep drop, shallow drop or pryramid) in a gasketed hinged frame. The control gear can be supplied as integral (tray mounted) or remote to power an E39 clear eliptical or tubular lamp.
The Bianca comes pre-wired to allow for future on-site fitting of a standby relay and lamp, although this option is available to order complete. After switch on (or momentary loss of supply voltage) HID lamps take several minutes to achieve full luminous output or re-strike. In some applications it is important to have some degree of instant light; the function of the relay is to provide such light from the tungsten halogen standby lamp until the HID lamp reaches approximately 70 75% full output, at which time the relay switches off. This is also the case in the event of a momentary loss of supply voltage. Should the HID lamp fail to strike, the standby lamp will remain on indefinitely.

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