Gambro WRO 300 WRO300 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

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Used, working condition
Status – “404 Rinse Required”
Product version 4.2404
LCD Screen displays:
Product version 4.2
Chem, Days since last 1234
Acid Clean, Days since last 1078
Alkaline Clean, Days since last 1079
Total Run Time 9369 hours

Gambro has designed a range of water purification units for use by dialysis patients. These powerful single-patient units enable efficient water purification so that patients can have pure water to hand whether they are receiving dialysis treatment at home or in a clinic.
The WRO 300 and WRO 300 H units are simple, yet powerful devices which provide a clean water supply which is essential for dialysis patients’ well-being. With purified water at their fingertips, there will be no added risk of water contamination to their health. The devices are easy to use and are a vital component for dialysis patients to use.

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