Grason-Stadler GSI Tympstar Tympanometer Middle Ear Analyzer Version V2 – Used

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The GSI TympStar Version 2 Middle-Ear Analyzer is a technically advanced, computer-based admittance instrument designed to be used in a clinical or research setting. The TympStar builds on the sophistication, functionality and flexibility of the GSI 33, offering unparalleled testing capabilities. It contains total capabilities for complete, manual or automatic diagnostic testing for analysis of middle ear function. Admittance (Y) may be measured with a probe tone frequency of 226 Hz.
The extensive battery of test mode choices include:
Diagnostic Tympanometry
Acoustic Reflex Threshold and Decay Measurements
Eustachian-Tube Function Testing (Both intact and perforated eardrums)
Screening Tympanometry/Reflex (Automatic Only)

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