Metabo HS8765 HS 8765 (608765000) 65cm Blade Hedge Trimmer – RRP $369.00

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Please note that the original box may have some slight cosmetic blemishes on them

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Patented Metabo handle system with additional switch for up to 50% more reach and range
Low weight avoids fatigue when working
Patented mechanical quick blade stop (in 0.05 seconds) for improved safety
Blades with special geometry generate less wear and thus deliver 200% longer service life
Clean cut thanks to diamond-ground blade teeth on both sides at a30 angle
Lower safety blade for high safety at work
Metabo S-automatic safety clutch: Protects blades and gears when debris or large branches stop the blades
Fatigue-proof operation due to ergonomic full grip bow-type handle design and optimum centre of gravity position
Very quiet running due to shear blades running in opposite direction
User-friendly guidance of machine exhaust in all working situations
Easy servicing thanks to cable replacement cover
Cable strain relief prevents the unintentional disconnection of the plug-in connection
Trigger guard with twig feed protects user and gear from kickbacks

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