Pentax EG-3870UTK 3.8 Ultrasound Video Scope PAL – 2011

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Accessories – Hard Carry Case
Video Format: PAL
This scope was inspected by Pentax Medical Australia in October 2020 and their findings were this:
” Light Guide Cable = EUS cable near connector needs repair.”
It looks as though the outer casing is bunched up a little – See images
We can provide an inspection report, repair quotation, test images and test ultrasound scans if requested.
This scope still functions without issue
The outstanding image quality of the EG-3870UTK ultrasound gastroscope offers an optimal foundation for infiltrated lymph nodes detection and tumor staging in the gastrointestinal system. The EG-3870UTK is engineered with both excellent image quality and a large instrument channel for a variety of therapeutic procedures.
State-of-the-art images
The EG-3870UTK utilizes a curved, linear-array ultrasound transducer that provides a large 120 field of view with an outstanding image quality providing the endoscopist with a high level of diagnostic precision for all indicated application areas. Supported by various imaging modalities such as Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) and Doppler function, a more accurate localization and targeting of lesions is possible.
Engineered for advanced maneuverability
The high flexibility and advanced maneuverability of EG-3670UTK allow more precise navigation. A one-touch balloon, two-stage suction and three-stage air/water valve provide easy control for more efficient procedures.
Multifunctional design
The EG-3870UTK incorporates a unique 3.8 mm instrument channel for a wide spectrum of procedures from diagnostic EUS to EUS-guided therapeutic interventions. This large instrument channel accommodates even challenging therapeutic procedures such as EUS-guided drainage, dilation, injection and laser or radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy.

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