Philips IntelliVue MP30 Bedside Patient Monitor – REF 862135 – Working

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Accessories: Power Cable
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The Philips Intellivue MP30 patient monitors gives care teams throughout the hospital more of the information they need right at the patient’s side. The IntelliVue MP30 provides essential measurements and powerful monitoring capability in a small package to match the unique needs and pace of intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, special procedures, post-operative care, lower acuity environments, and patient transfer. Featuring a highly flexible screen configuration that is designed to suit patient department protocols, acuity, or specific procedure requirements.
The IntelliVue MP30 monitors are easy to operate and use on a networked platform via wired or wireless connections. Through Philips intuitive Multi-Measurement Server and extensions, the MP30 delivers the best-in-class clinical measurements including conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, capnography, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, cardiac output, temperature, BIS, and FAST-SpO2.
26cm (10.4″) color touchscreen display with 3 or 4 waveforms.
Comfortable handle and rugged housing for easy portability.
Lightweight, at only 5.8 kg (13 lbs.) including Multi-Measurement Module.
Touchscreen operation makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands.
Navigation Point operation designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation.

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