Steelco DS610/2 SL Double Door Medical Instrument Washer Disinfector – 2011

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Total Record – 9,104
Date of Manufacturer – 2011
Model – DS610SL/2
The Steelco Instrument Washer Disinfector Series 600 and 610 is ideal for surgery centers and small hospitals to wash, disinfect and dry surgical instruments.
Easy to install freestanding washer/disinfector double door pass through version
Fast cycle option available
Thermal disinfection with a temperature of up to 200F [93
Integrated hot air dryer standard
Compliant with EN ISO 15883 and HTM 2030 standards for washer disinfectors
Classified under CE medical device and FDA registered
Up to 10 instrument trays 20 x 10 x 2 [500x250x50mm
RS232 interface for printer- or PC connection
Full color touch screen controller 40 adjustable cleaning cycles
Full glass viewing window
Washing and thermal disinfecting temperature adjustable up to 200F [93C
Temperature monitoring by two independent PT-1000 probes
Exhaust steam condenser standard
Electrical or steam heated
Heavy duty wash pump with high flow rate and low pressure for efficient and gentle cleaning
Chamber made of stainless steel 316L
High efficient triple water filtering
Integrated hot air dryer standard
Integrated detergent storage for two jugs
External: 25.6 x 26.7 x 72.5 [600x630x840mm
Internal: 20 x 22.5 x 26.8 [520x500x530mm
Max. basket capacity: 51.55gal. [195liter
Electrical connection: 1x220V, 3x208V/60Hz
double door pass through
Hot air dryer

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